NewTro Lace

The Newtro Lace is built on a high-performance last with an aggressive toe designed for caves and steeply overhanging routes.

A lower-volume heel with its own midsole has been introduced for improved fit, allowing for heel hooks that stick like duct tape. The closure utilizes a precision lacing system for added support and customizable fit.

The synthetic upper boasts a robust yet supple lining for added longevity and long-term support. To round out the model we added our high-friction RA rubber outsole, coupled with a durable performance UP Rand rubber.

Model Color Dlr Price US5 US 5.5 US 6 US 6.5 US 7 US 7.5 US8 US 8.5 US 9 US 9.5 US 10 US10.5 US11 US 11.5 US12 US 12.5
NEWTRO LACE ORANGE CRUSH/BLACK 115,70 $ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1