Who are we

Gama Sports group is a passionate team of outdoor life. We know the needs of the sports enthusiast or the field worker to provide comfort, style and optimum performance.

With our knowledge and sports skills, our strengths allow us to represent a range of brands and products by providing increased visibility and developing targeted marketing strategies.

Our success is accomplished by:

-The organization
-The pleasure in our work
-The conviction of our success
-Our long-term partnerships
-Our involvement
-The transfer of our knowledge

Our philosophy

We have built the Gama Sports Group for the past 15 years one foot in front of the other through what we loved doing the most: BEING OUTSIDE and in all types of conditions. Conditions that can be difficult, but never impossible. We keep the focus while evolving with our environment in constant change and this in the respect of what we like most to do: BE OUTSIDE

What we do

Promote your brand

Make an appointment with our buyers to present your products either in our showroom, in the sales show or directly with our retailers.

Brand development

Bring your brand to the summit via different paths.


The art of putting your product on the sales floor and creating the impact it deserves.

Marketing strategies

Together with the brand, we collaborate to identify the strategy (ies) to be adopted for your market.

In-store promotion and events

We are the team on the field that creates contact with your consumers.


In-store employee training is essential to share the philosophy, soul and technicalities of your products.

Our territories