Samuel Denault (Montréal,QC) #ZEISS #Ornithology

Samuel Denault is a biologist specializing in avian fauna but considers himself above all a “birder”. Samuel is strongly involved in the ebird community in Quebec and sits on the Quebec Rare Birds Certification Committee (CHORQ). He participates in the writing of articles in several magazines (QuébecOiseaux, North American Birds, Birder’s Guide to Travel) in addition to having been the author of texts in the Second Atlas of Quebec breeding birds and scientific consultant for the guide Oiseaux du Québec and Canada.

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Olivier Barden (Montréal,QC) #ZEISS #Ornithology

Recognized by various ornithological communities for his expertise, Olivier Barden takes part in numerous projects aimed at transmitting knowledge to various audiences. His occasional appearances on the radio, on television or even during cultural events have reinforced the echo of his career over the years. He has also contributed greatly to publications specializing in ornithology, including the Second Atlas of Breeding Birds. From the Amazon rainforest to the North Shore in Quebec, his fieldwork has led him to develop a keen eye allowing him to spot rarities from one year to the next.

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Jean-François Girard (Rimouski,QC) #Mammut #CAMP

I have under my belt more than 90 openings of routes ranging from single pitches to complex multi pitches. I have also been fortunate enough to climb in different places around the world such as the Canadian West, the American West, Italy, France, Sweden and Greenland. I am drawn to what has been forgotten, left out, by the routes taken on both rock and ice. Although I love the rock I have a severe incline for mixed climbing which takes all my winters.

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Emma Contoae (Montréal,QC) #Mammut

Emma is passionate about climbing and traveling. When not climbing, she enjoys teaching rock climbing with her business Climbing Escapes. Recently she discovered ice climbing and also loves winter adventures. Emma especially enjoys connecting with people and creating a caring community around climbing.

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Alexandre Plaisance (Québec,QC) #Mammut

Initiated into the world of climbing in 2016, I have been practicing this sport with great intensity ever since. Having a soft spot for mixed climbing which I believe is the ultimate discipline requiring the most versatility, I enjoy practicing all styles.

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Étienne Chamard (Mont-St-Hilaire, QC) #Mammut

As soon as this determined climber reaches the top of a rocky cliff, frozen waterfall or mountain, a new, more ambitious summit awaits. When he returns from his expedition, he will already make every effort to meet his new challenge. For Étienne, climbing has an intellectual character, because preparation is as important as achievement. It is the remoteness, commitment and adventure offered by the itinerary that motivates him above all. His leadership, consistency, determination and risk management make him a trusted teammate and an exceptional new family man!

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Adam Beauregard (Mont-Tremblant,QC ) #hellyhansenworkwear​

Adam is passionate about fishing.

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Alexandre Labbé (Trois-Rivières, QC) #Mammut

Alex is an enthusiastic athlete with an infectious laugh, even at -38 ° C in an icy wind! An elite basketball player and avid skateboarder when he was younger, he discovered mountain sports in his early twenties. Its adventure grounds are mainly Quebec and the northeastern United States. The adventurer in him fell in love with the Adirondacks, where he now spends several weekends a year. Always passionate about looking for new projects, he knows how to adapt quickly and be persevering. Whatever the unexpected, for Alex, contemplating nature in good company is synonymous with happiness!

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Renée-Claude Bastien (Laurentides, QC) #Mammut #Happy Yak

Renée-Claude Bastien has been an adventure guide for almost 20 years.

She is a teacher and coordinator of the AEC – Guide en tourisme aventure du Cégep de Saint-Laurent, she is a first aid instructor in isolated regions for Sirius, Canoe instructor for Canot Kayak Québec, Hiking trainer (Rando Québec ), Monitor Without Trace (Without Trace Canada), in addition to holding professional recognition from the Quebec Council of Human Resources in Tourism (CQRHT) and being certified by the Canadian Association of Mountain Guides (ACMG), as an instructor of the Long hike guide program.

She has been working in the outdoor industry for over 20 years, which has allowed her to develop her experience and thus become a benchmark in the outdoors in Quebec.

In 2005, she obtained the coveted Guide of the Year award from Aventure Ecotourisme Québec, participates as an expert with several media (La Presse, Radio Canada, Journal de Québec) and continues to defend the professionalization of the profession of guide as a co- Founder and President of the Association of Professional Guides in Adventure Tourism (AGPTA) since 2012.

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